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Building Emotional Firewalls

Nadja EL Fertasi

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one most adaptable to change” – Darwin.I guide, inspires and empowers women to be the women with ambition they were born to be by building emotional firewalls. Building emotional firewalls has helped me build resilience by facing my fears head-on and overcome them with courage. Building emotional firewalls has helped me manage my energy, and never fall back in the trap of burnout. Building emotional firewalls has helped me believe in myself and in my potential, even when no one else did. Now I want to teach you how to build resilience through emotional firewalls and embrace the woman with ambition you were born to be! My name is Nadja El Fertasi; I am the founder of Thrive with EQ - Emotional Intelligence, where I help businesses worldwide build human resilience strategies, so they can build a safe and secure digital footprint. Every Wednesday and Saturday, I will release a new episode talking about life topics that feel uncomfortable and dive deep into the core challenges and how to overcome them. Real talk. Deep talk. Empowering talk. Make sure you subscribe, so you are notified when a new episode is released. Are you intrigued? More empowering content at to help women with ambition build emotional firewalls in the digital decade.